VA IRRLA Refinance

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What is a VA IRRLA refinance?

A VA IRRLA is an interest rate reduction loan for anyone with a current VA loan who is looking to refinance for a lower interest rate.
What are the benefits of a VA IRRLA refinance compared to a traditional VA refinance?
• There is no appraisal needed for a VA IRRLA no matter if your home value is below the current loan that you need to refinance.
• With a VA IRRLA loan, there is no income requirement at all.

What is the financial advantage of refinancing with a VA ARRLA loan verses a traditional refinance?

• Save money by not needing an appraisal
• No underwriting fee with this loan so lower closing costs

How long does the process for a VA IRRLA refinance take?

Since there is no income required for this loan and NO appraisal needed, we can clear to close this loan in about 15 days!